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Figure 8-20. The Sound Properties window lets you change the properties of sounds
imported into the Library.
Creating the Sound and SoundChannel objects
Creating and playing sounds is a two-step process. That's not as hard as it sounds, but it's potentially
a bit confusing. You need to keep in mind that in AS3.0 creating sounds and playing sounds are two
separate steps, controlled by two separate objects:
You first need to create a Okqj` object. This is the actual sound that you want to play. In this
game, it's the ?deiao sound that I imported into the Library .
You then need to create a Okqj`?d]jjah object to actually play the sound. You can think of
this as a “sound player” that actually does the work of playing the sound. You can't play the
sound without this Okqj`?d]jjah object.
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