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Figure 8-12 shows what the ajaiuKja property keyframe and motion path look like.
Figure 8-12. The property keyframe and motion path
6. The last step is to highlight frame 180 and move the oq^K^fa_p object back to its start position.
(If you centered the object precisely when you added it to AjaiuKja, its original t and u posi-
tions are , and ,.)
There you have it. The object moves back and forth along the motion path when the game runs.
The AjaiuPsk oq^K^fa_p is animated in a very similar way. Open AjaiuPsk[Oq^K^fa_p in the Library
and take a look. Its motion path is circular, and its start point and endpoint are at the same spot.
It uses four property keyframes (at frames 60, 120, 180, and 240) to create four connected motion
paths. Each motion path has been curved using the Selection Tool so that the object moves in an
organic and unpredictable way. Figure 8-13 shows the path that the AjaiuPsk oq^K^fa_p takes. To
make sure that the animation loops smoothly, the t and u positions of the object on frame 240 are
the same as on frame 1.
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