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Entering the dungeon!
If it's not already open, double-click the `qjcakjI]va*bh] file in the Project panel to open it in the
Flash workspace. Let's go on a quick tour of how the game has been built.
Dungeon Maze Adventure has been designed entirely within one symbol: @qjcakjKja. This game was
planned as a multilevel game, and it's much easier to add more levels later if each level is contained
within its own symbol. The first thing you see on the stage is an instance of the @qjcakjKja symbol,
as illustrated by Figure 8-7.
Figure 8-7. The game is contained entirely inside the DungeonOne symbol, which is on the main stage.
Double-click @qjcakjKja in the Library to open it. It contains all the objects in the game. Like the
storybook pages from earlier chapters, the symbol's registration point is at the top-left corner of
the stage. Figure 8-8 shows how @qjcakjKja has been laid out and the instance names of the all
Let's take a quick tour of how @qjcakjKja has been designed.
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