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Setting up the Flash Developer workspace
Flash allows you to customize your work environment so that the various windows and panels you'll
be working with are comfortably arranged. These areas are called workspaces .
You'll set up a Developer workspace , which is recommended for doing programming. (Programmers
are sometimes referred to as developers because they develop software applications such as games.)
Setting up the ActionScript code format preferences
You'll set up Flash's preferences so that it formats the programming code to be easily readable. You
won't necessarily notice the benefit of doing this at this stage, but you'll use the same format for the
rest of the projects in this topic, so it makes sense to set it up now.
1. Select Flash ° Preferences if you're using Mac OSX or Edit ° Preferences if you're using
2. In the Category menu, select Auto Format .
3. Select the options so that the Preferences window looks like Figure 1-3.
You're free to choose any code format you're comfortable with, but for learning and debug-
ging purposes, this suggested format is the most clear.
Figure 1-3. Set the code format preferences to make the code easy to read and debug.
4. Click OK to save the changes.
Flash now automatically formats the code according to these selected options.
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