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6. Select Modify ° Convert to Symbol .
7. Give the new symbol the name Meter .
8. Just below the Name box you'll see a grid of six squares labeled Registration . This grid deter-
mines where the center point of the new symbol will be. You want the graphics for the Iapan
symbol to fall to the right of the center point. Click the leftmost square in the middle row, as
shown in Figure 7-10. This sets the left middle of the object as its center.
Figure 7-10. Set the new symbol's registration point.
9. Click the OK button.
10. The rectangle's fill area is now selected as a separate object. It's actually become an instance
of the new Iapan symbol that's sitting in the Library . You turned the rectangle's fill area into an
object that you can control with code.
11. The next thing you need to do is to give the new meter object an instance name. Give it the
name meter in the Instance name field of the Properties panel.
12. To make the effect appear a little neater, you'll move the iapan object onto a layer below the
black outline. Create a new layer in the Da]hpd symbol's timeline.
13. Click the iapan object once to select it.
14. Select Edit ° Cut .
15. Select frame 1 of the new layer.
16. Select Edit ° Paste in Place . The iapan object will be pasted into the new layer in exactly the
same position that it was cut from.
17. Move the new layer with the iapan object so that it's under the layer containing the black
outline. Figure 7-11 shows what your Da]hpd symbol should now look like.
Figure 7-11. The finished Health symbol
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