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3. Select the Rectangle drawing tool from the toolbar and choose a stroke and fill color. The
stroke color is the color of the rectangle's outline, and the fill color is the inside color. Just
below the color options is a slider labeled Stroke , which refers to the thickness of the rect-
angle's outside line. You can either move the slider to change its thickness or type in a value
in pixels. For this example, you'll see the effect more clearly if the stroke is a little thicker than
average, so I gave mine a value of 3 pixels. Figure 7-8 shows an example.
Figure 7-8. Select the Rectangle tool and choose a fill
and stroke color.
4. Draw a long rectangle on the stage. In the next few steps, you'll convert the fill area into its
own symbol. It's the se`pd property of this subobject that you'll target with the code.
5. Use the Selection tool to select the fill area of the rectangle by clicking it once. You can tell
that it's been selected properly if the inner fill area has a dot pattern across it and the outside
stroke remains unchanged, as shown in Figure 7-9.
Figure 7-9. Click the inner fill once to select it.
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