Game Development Reference
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Here's how to set these files up as a project:
1. Open the chapter's source files and find the file called ejpan]_peraLh]ucnkqj`*bh]. Open it in
2. In the Project panel, select Quick Project from the drop-down menu.
3. ejpan]_peraLh]ucnkqj` will be opened as a project. A check mark next to interactivePlay-
ground.fla indicates that it's the default document (it's the FLA file that will be used to generate
the SWF). You'll also notice that all the other files in the folder open as part of the project.
Take a moment to become familiar with the way ejpan]_peraLh]ucnkqj`*bh] is set up. It has a char-
acter on the main stage with the instance name lh]uan. The document class is set as I]ej[Lh]ucnkqj`.
Figure 7-1 illustrates this. You'll also find some ready-made symbols in the Library that you can use
with the examples in this chapter if you don't feel like making your own.
Figure 7-1. The character's instance name is player, and the document class is Main_Playground.
4. Double-click the I]ej[Lh]ucnkqj` file in the Project panel to open it. It looks like this:
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