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Background Object
Foreground Object
Figure 6-19. To implement parallax scrolling, create two separate objects to represent your background scene.
So, is that it? No way! This chapter gave a taste of setting up a player control scheme, but there's so
much more refinement that can be done. Later in the topic, you'll learn how to modify these mod-
els to incorporate acceleration, friction, and gravity into the lh]uan object's movements. You'll also
be looking at a player control scheme to allow the game to be played with a mouse instead of the
In this chapter, you solved some extremely important problems central to game design that you'll see
popping up again and again in different contexts in the chapters that follow. Experiment a bit with
some of these techniques on your own, and I'll meet you in Chapter 7 when you're ready. I'll show you
how to create an environment that your objects can interact with using collision detection.
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