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Figure 6-13. A huge environment, ready for scrolling
Fine-tuning the player character
For its journey to Phobos, I gave my pig character a space capsule to fly around in. To add a little more
“realism” (if a journey to Phobos could be called that!), I'll add a drop shadow , which is an effect that
makes an object appear as if it's casting a shadow on the objects below it. Adding a drop shadow to
the space capsule makes it look as if it's hovering slightly above the surface of the moon.
Adding a drop shadow
Follow these steps to add a drop shadow to the lh]uan object:
1. Select the lh]uan object.
2. In the Properties panel there's a pane called Filters . If it isn't already open, click it to open it.
3. On the bottom of the Filters pane is the Add Filter button. It looks like a sheet of paper with the
bottom-left corner turned over. Click it once and select Drop Shadow from the option menu
that opens.
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