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2. Once you have your image, you need to import it into Flash. Open the characterControl.fla file if it's
not already open. Select File ° Import ° Import to Library .
3. Browse for the image and click the Import to Library button when you find it. You'll then see the
image sitting in the Library .
4. Create a new symbol called >]_gcnkqj`.
5. Open the >]_gcnkqj` symbol's editing window, and drag an instance of the photo you just
imported from the Library onto the first frame. Position it roughly in the middle of the stage.
6. Click Scene 1 near the top-left corner of the >]_gcnkqj` symbol's editing window to return to
the main stage.
7. Create a new layer in the main timeline. Name this new layer background .
8. Drag an instance of the >]_gcnkqj` symbol onto the stage. Check to make sure that it's been
added on the new background layer you created in the previous step.
9. With the instance still selected, give it the instance name background in the Properties panel.
10. If you want to zoom out to see the entire image, click the zoom level menu at the top-right
corner of the stage, as shown in Figure 6-12. Choose Show All to see your entire scene ( 100%
will return the view of the stage to normal once you're done).
Figure 6-12. Zoom out to view your entire scene.
11. Rearrange the layers in the timeline so that the background layer is behind the layer that
the lh]uan object is on. Your main stage might look something like Figure 6-13 when you're
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