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Horizontal side-scrolling
Visible Area
The environment moves left or right when the player reaches the stage edges.
Overhead multi-axis scrolling
Visible Area
The environment moves up, down, left, or right when the player character reaches
the edge of the stage's visible area.
Figure 6-11. Horizontal and multi-axis scrolling
Creating an environment
The first thing you need to implement in the scrolling system is some kind of background scene that is
much bigger than the stage. If you were designing a game, this would be a very big Movie Clip symbol
filled with all kinds of objects that the lh]uan could interact with. In this example, you'll use a very
large image.
1. Find a very large image that you think might be suitable for your scrolling system. Any pic-
ture with a width and height greater than 1000 pixels should work well for this example. I
decided to give my hard-working little pig character a little holiday in space: a journey to one
of Mars's moons, Phobos. Lucky for me, NASA maintains a large collection of copyright-free
photos, including extremely high-resolution images of Phobos, which I was able to download.
(To download your own high-resolution scenes from space, visit dppl6++ldkpkfkqnj]h*flh*
j]o]*ckr+ej`at*dpih. Any images labeled Full Resolution are big enough.)
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