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5. The symbol editing window will open. Select View ° Zoom In a few times so that one of the
gray grid squares is large in the editing window. Draw your player character. Mine looks like
Figure 6-2. Draw it within the confines of one of the grid squares so that it's contained within
a 50-by-50 pixel square shape. (Refer to Chapter 2 if you need a refresher on how to design
characters.) You won't be targeting any subobjects like the character's eyes in this example, so
you don't need to worry about creating any of your character's features as separate Movie Clip
symbols if you don't want to.
Figure 6-2. Draw your player character
inside one of the grid squares.
6. Make sure that the player is centered in the middle of the editing window. Select Edit ° Select
All to select the entire character. Figure 6-3 shows what the character looks like when it's com-
pletely selected.
Figure 6-3. Select your character completely.
7. Now you need to center the character. You know that it's exactly 50-by-50 pixels wide, so you
need to give it an t position of -25 and a u position of -25 to center it. This will place the char-
acter in the very center of the editing window. In the Position and Size pane of the Properties
panel, enter -25 in the X box and -25 in the Y box. Figure 6-4 shows what your character might
look like after it's centered.
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