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5. In the Paragraph pane, make sure that that the Align left button is still selected from the Format
button menu.
6. Select Single line from the Behavior drop-down menu.
7. Figure 5-8 shows what my input text Properties panel looks like.
Figure 5-8. The input text field properties
8. Just below the dynamic text field that you created on the stage, draw the input text field so that
it's wide enough to accommodate a maximum of three numbers. (The game asks the player to
choose a number from 1 to 100, so 100, composed of three characters, is the longest number
they'll be entering.) You can add some sample text, such as three zeros, to help you find the
right width. Figure 5-9 shows you what my input text field looks like with sample text.
Figure 5-9. Enter some sample text to correctly size the input text field.
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