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13. Finally, you need to assign the FLA file's document class. Double-click the jqi^anCqaooejcC]ia*
bh] file in the Project panel.
14. In the Properties panel. Enter Main in the Class field. Your Properties panel should now look like
Figure 5-4. You've now assigned the document class.
Figure 5-4. Create the document class in the Proper-
ties panel of the FLA file.
15. Save the jqi^anCqaooejcC]ia*bh] file.
You're now ready to create the number guessing game.
Designing a GUI
GUI stands for graphical user interface . When programmers refer to a GUI, they're talking about all
the buttons, text boxes, and windows that help a user actually interact with a piece of software. GUI
design is a highly specialized area of software development, and getting it right can be a tricky busi-
ness. GUI designers need to not only have a lot of in-depth knowledge about the inner workings of
a piece of software but also have to understand the psychology of the people using it. How people use
software and how to make software easy to use is an area of software design known as usability .
A well-designed GUI allows users to access as much or as little of the complexity of the software as
they need or want to, but also subtly teaches users how the software works while they're using it. As
basic and commonsensical as a lot of this sounds, it's not an easy task by any means. The GUI design
that has gone into sophisticated operating systems such as the latest versions of Windows or OS X
is the result of decades of research and refinement by thousands of developers, yet no one regards
either of them as perfect.
The most important thing about the GUI for a game is that it be as invisible as possible. That means
that the GUI shouldn't come between the player and the experience of playing the game.
The best thing for you as a game designer is to think critically about the GUIs of games that you like,
and ask why they work and how you could make something similar work in your games. There are no
rules, the field is wide open for experimentation, and clever minds like the one reading this topic will
set the standards for the new GUIs of the future.
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