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Setting up the project files
The number guessing game, which you can now more formally inaugurate as “The Number Guessing
Game,” follows the same basic file and program structure that you've been using since Chapter 1. So
there's really nothing new here except the details. If this seems a bit routine, give yourself a pat on the
back for overcoming a considerable hurdle to getting started with AS3.0 programming!
1. Create a project folder called Jqi^anCqaooejcC]ia.
2. Open Flash. Select File ° New and choose Flash File (ActionScript 3.0) from the New Document
dialog box.
3. Click the OK button.
4. Select File ° Save As .
5. Give the new FLA file the name numberGuessingGame.fla .
6. Navigate to the Jqi^anCqaooejcC]ia project folder that you created in step 1.
7. Click the Save button to save the file.
8. In the Project panel, click the drop-down menu. Select Quick Project . numberGuessingGame.fla
appears as a project file.
9. In the Project panel, click the New File button, as shown in Figure 5-1.
Figure 5-1. Create a new AS file in the Project panel.
10. Enter in the File field.
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