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The frog now has two states, each represented in a separate frame. Let's add the third final state.
1. In frame 3, highlight all the frames from the layers that contain graphics that you want to
extend into the third frame. Select Insert ° Timeline ° Frame . You probably want to extend all
the graphics you've made so far, so the timeline might now look like Figure 4-23.
Figure 4-23. Use the Insert Frame command to extend the
graphics into frame 3.
2. Create a new layer called speech bubble .
3. Click frame 3 of the speech bubble layer and select Insert ° Timeline ° Keyframe to insert an
empty keyframe on this new layer, as shown in Figure 4-24.
Figure 4-24. Create a new keyframe on the speech bubble
4. Make sure that the new keyframe you created on the speech bubble layer is still selected. Draw
a cartoon speech bubble and add some text. I'll add the words, “Hello, my friend! Can you
swim?” Figure 4-25 shows what frame 3 of my frog looks like now.
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