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So far, so good. You have a basic design you can work with. You'll create three different states for
the frog:
Sitting complacently
Mouth open
Each state will be represented by a frame on the timeline. You've already got the first state, sitting
complacently, on frame 1. You'll design the next state, mouth open, on frame 2.
The first job is to extend the graphics from frame 1 into frame 2. You need to do this so that the frog
that you designed in frame 1 is still visible when you add new graphics to it in frame 2.
1. Highlight frame 2 in all the layers that correspond to graphics from frame 1 that you want to
use in the frog's second state, as shown in Figure 4-19. To do this, hold the left mouse button
down over frame 2 on the topmost layer and drag to the bottom layer.
Figure 4-19. Highlight frame 2 in each layer.
The timeline examples in this chapter are illustrated using preview mode, which is
helpful because it displays a thumbnail image of every graphic in each keyframe. To
switch on preview mode, click the timeline's option menu button at the top-right cor-
ner of the timeline and select Preview from the menu list items.
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