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Figure 4-12. Delete one of the cat's eyes.
3. Double-click the remaining eye to select both its shapes (the inner black pupil and outer white
eyeball). Select Modify ° Convert to Symbol .
4. The Convert to Symbol dialog box opens. Give the symbol the name Eye .
5. The Type drop-down menu remembers the last type of symbol you created. If the last symbol
you made was a button, Button will appear as the selected symbol type. Change it to Movie Clip .
6. The Convert to Symbol dialog box has an option called Registration ,
which determines what point of the object should be used for its
center point. You want the new Aua symbol's registration point
to be directly in the center of the object. Click the center square
in the Registration box to set the center as the symbol's registra-
tion point. Figure 4-13 shows what it should look like.
7. Check Export for ActionScript and click the OK button.
8. Click OK if the classpath warning window displays.
9. Have a look in your Library . You now have a new symbol called Aua. It will be
centered directly over the registration point, as shown in Figure 4-14.
10. Double-click the ?]p symbol to enter symbol editing mode.
11. Drag another instance of the Aua symbol onto the cat to replace the missing
eye. You can use the keyboard's arrow keys to precisely position the eye if
you're having trouble aligning it with the mouse. You can also use Flash's Align
feature (found in the Modify menu) to align the eyes precisely. Refer to Chapter 2
if you need a refresher on how to do this.
12. Select the left eye. Give it the instance name leftEye .
13. Select the right eye. Give it the instance name rightEye .
Figure 4-13. Choose the center as the
Eye's registration point.
Figure 4-14. The new
Eye symbol
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