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8. Save the I]ej*]o file and test the project. You can now click the grow and shrink buttons to
change the size of the cat, as shown in Figure 4-9.
Figure 4-9. Click the grow and shrink buttons to change the size of the cat.
If you want the _]p object to scale evenly on all sides, the graphics in the ?]p symbol
need to be centered over the symbol's center point. The center point of a symbol is also
known as the registration point . It's the black crosshairs that represents an x and y
position of 0. If you test the project and see that the cat is scaling in a slightly lopsided
way, it means that the graphics aren't centered on the symbol's registration point.
To center the graphics, open the ?]p symbol, select the cat entirely with the Selection
tool, and drag it so that it's centered over the black crosshairs. Figure 4-10 illustrates
this process.
Centered over the
registration point
Figure 4-10. Center the graphics over the registra-
tion point so that the object scales evenly on all sides.
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