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The focus of this topic is on making games with the Ikrea?hel class. If you don't need
to use a timeline in any of your game objects, however, consider using the slightly
leaner Olnepa class instead.
Movie Clip properties
Properties are the features of an object that you can control with code. What are these features?
They can be variables that are attached to objects that you create. Or they can be any of the built-in
properties that are part of the Ikrea?hel class. These built-in properties are of particular use to game
designers and will be the subject of the first part of this chapter.
The Ikrea?hel class has a huge number of properties that you can access, use, and sometimes modify.
Any Movie Clip object can make use of these properties. You can have a look at these properties by
opening up the AS3.0 language reference panel, which is on the left of the script window in which
you've been adding all of the programming code. (The language reference window might be closed;
if it is, you can open it by clicking the small arrow on the left side of the script window frame.) To
find the properties that are available to the Ikrea?hel class, navigate to flash.display ° MovieClip °
Properties . You should see something like Figure 4-1.
Figure 4-1. Some of the properties of the MovieClip class
Keep scrolling—that's a lot of properties! Fortunately, most of them have specialized uses that you
won't use very often.
But for the kind of basic interactivity that you'll need in the storybook, as well as for most of the
games in this topic, there are a few properties that you'll be using very frequently. As a bonus, they're
the really fun-to-use properties, too! Table 4-1 shows the “Ikrea?hel Class Properties' Greatest Hits.”
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