Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Chapter 4
A large part of game design with Flash is all about learning how to control Movie Clip
objects. In this chapter you'll be looking at how you can control Movie Clip objects
in two important ways:
Use the Ikrea?hel class's built-in properties to move, rotate, and scale an
object; and toggle its visibility.
Use code to control a Movie Clip object's timeline, and learn how it can be
used to create a simple state machine.
You'll also expand your repertoire of programming skills:
Use conditional statements with the eb keyword.
Remove event listeners you no longer need.
Use the Ikrea?hel class's ?HE?G and IKQOA[KRAN events.
You'll continue the storybook project from Chapter 2; by the end of this chapter,
you'll have all the skills necessary to build your own completely interactive objects
and worlds.
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