Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
This chapter covered a lot of new concepts: variables, methods, events, and (programming) buttons.
These concepts are some of the most important in AS3.0, and you'll see them in use in many contexts
throughout this topic. Don't worry too much if it hasn't all sunk in yet; it will take time. You can think
of this chapter as a reference to turn back to if you need a refresher on any of these subjects.
If you're a bit hazy on any of these new concepts, go back to the sample programs in the chapter's
source files and make some small changes to them. Observing how your changes affect the output is
the best way to learn.
The most important thing is this: did you actually make your buttons work? You did? Good for you;
you've graduated to Chapter 4!
In Chapter 4, you'll continue to build the interactive storybook. You'll look at how to use properties
to control the position and size of objects on the screen, and how to use the timeline and frames to
change an object's state.
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