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Chapter 5
Traffic and keyword tracking
How to research keywords for your website
Keywords are the heart and soul of SEO, if you choose the right words and phrases to promote
and represent your website then your visitor will find you; if you choose the wrong words then
you run the risk of leaving them confused and lost. When choosing keywords you have to strike
a balance between those keywords that are highly competitive, that a lot of sites are using, and
those that are not so competitive, but will drive less traffic to your site.
When deciding on a keyword, quantity of visitors should not necessarily be your top priority.
Quality targeted traffic should be your goal, and you should be looking to optimize the pages on
your site for the keywords that will bring the greatest number of prospects.
The first step in choosing keywords is to know your audience, to find out what terms people are
using to search for your products or services. There are a number of tools for this which will be
covered in more detail further into this chapter. The research you put in here will be invaluable
to you. Do some searches to see what keywords your main competitor sites come up for; you
may want to tap onto these. Look at the language that successful sites in your industry use to
attract visitors - this is a great way to learn how you can effectively get your message across.
Look at the log reports for your website and track the keywords used by visitors to your site;
this will give you ideas on keywords that you might have missed out on and will show you how
visitors are finding your site. Read online articles related to your industry, visit newsgroups and
forums, and check out any related industry websites for research information.
Brainstorming is a great way to think of new keywords. There are tools out there that will do
this for you, but it is also worth brainstorming yourself as these tools are just automated programs
that do not have the wealth of information about your industry that you do. The first thing to
do is to sit down and write down every word that you can think of that someone might use to
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