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Another tip is to become an editor yourself. You can do this be going to the category that you
would like to edit, and clicking on the 'become an editor' link at the bottom of the page. This
will bring up an application form. You will need to explain your expertise and interest in the
subject, and whether you have a business interest in the category. It is unlikely you will be able to
become an editor of a category that is directly related to your business, and it is also unlikely you
will be able to edit the top level of a category; you should start at the bottom of the hierarchy
and work your way up. The most important part of applying is to add two or three URLs of
websites, including a title and description; you should take your time preparing this. If you have
an interest in the performance of specific sites in a category, it is definitely worth becoming
involved as an editor.
Useful links
Here are some useful links to help you find out more about the Open Directory:
The Open Directory newsletter (, which is primarily for
editors of the Open Directory, but can also be viewed by the public. This will give you a good
idea of how editors view the Open Directory, and what they will look for when deciding
whether to accept sites.
The Open Directory guidelines (, which is again primarily
for editors of the Open Directory, but will give you a good idea of the guidelines they are
expected to follow. It outlines what is deemed as spam, the type of site editors like to accept,
and how editors are selected or removed.
The Open Directory feedback form (, which can be
used to send feedback to Open Directory staff.
One of the best ways to start your SEO campaign is to get listed in the major directories. The
main point here is that directory listings will make your site visible to many of the main spider
engines as well as in the directories themselves.
Directory listings are reviewed and either accepted or rejected by human editors, and their content
is organized into hierarchical categories. The major web directories looked at here are Yahoo!
and The Open Directory Project. You should start with Yahoo!; a Yahoo! business category
listing is essential for any serious business. The sign-up fee should not be a problem for most
businesses, and represents great value for money when all is taken into consideration. Next, you
should move on to the Open Directory, which is free, and will help your ranking in engines
such as AOL Search, Google, HotBot, and Netscape. Remember that you can contact the Open
Directory editors if you are having problems with getting your listing accepted.
As your submission will be reviewed and accepted or rejected by a human editor, the most
important criteria for acceptance are the quality of your site, the category selected, and how well
written your title and description are. Selection of the most appropriate category is very important
and requires a fair amount of work. When submitting your site, submit your homepage URL
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