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will have a higher search engine placement; pages with low PageRank consistently rank higher
in the search engine results than those with high ranks, so there are obviously many other factors
at play in determining site ranking. The best PageRank strategy to pursue is to forget about
it and get on with developing the factors that control it. Build a strong website and focus on
developing links from sites with content relevant to your website, as this will naturally increase
your PageRank and the number of visitors to your site. Don't forget - its quality traffic you're
after before a high PageRank. Don't waste your time chasing only links from highly ranked sites,
build your link-base naturally and your PageRank will increase by itself.
The PageRank is a useful tool, but it is not the only thing to be considered. You should also
bear in mind that the site must hold relevant content, otherwise it is not worth being linked with
in the first place. The key to ranking well on Google is not just the amount of links you have
to and from your site, but also having content-rich pages in the first place. Taking all the above
information into account, here is a step-by-step guide to building free links to your website. All
these steps are supported by the link planning charts and tables which can be downloaded from
Sprite Interactive (
1 Set yourself a goal and a schedule to keep to . Set a goal for the number of links you want, as a way
to stay motivated. Use a 'site link chart' to help you stay on top of the amount of sites you are
linking to. You should set the amount of sites you are approaching at about three times the
amount you hope to get. Some sites will not want to trade links, so you need to set yourself
realistic targets to keep your motivation up. Put aside around 30-60 minutes for link building
each day, so you work consistently on the project; it is easy to spend too much or too little
time on it and to lose focus.
2 Make your site worth it . Your site needs to offer something of value to those sites you are hoping
will link to it. You need to make sure you have a lot of linkable content. If all you do is
sell products, then you need to have some content (such as articles, news, reviews or tips)
that is exclusive to your site and that will be tempting for other sites to link to. Having this
content on your site will increase your link factor. It will also improve the quality of your
site, so it is worth doing anyway. If you create enough linkable content, then you will find
that people will approach you to link to their sites. Make sure you write about something
that you know about or, if you cannot write, add some kind of unique software tool or
3 Work out which types of site you want to trade links with . This will take some thought. You are not
actually finding the sites at this stage, but are working out the types of site to contact, so create
a plan regarding which type of site to approach. For example, a site that sells tennis rackets
might approach sites that sell tennis shoes and tennis clothes, but not tennis rackets. Once links
from these sites have been accumulated, the tennis racket site can then develop a new section
on playing tennis, and ask for links from sites that give tips on playing tennis. This will result
in a significant number of links from sites related to the target market, and new pages of rich
content for the website, to make the user experience more fulfilling.
4 Locate quality link partners . The best way to do this, as explained previously, is to type a search
for the key terms or phrases you want to be listed for into Google, and choose your potential
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