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This would return all the pages in the search engine's index for This is a useful
tool to see what pages from your site have been indexed and what versions of the page are in the
search engine directory, and whether it has picked up any recent updates you have done.
You can also add other terms onto the end of the search query to see pages from that site that
have specific content, for example: search engine marketing
This returns the search engine marketing page from the Sprite Interactive website. You can also
use all the other search terms (
, '') to refine your search further.
Title search
If you want to find pages that just mention certain terms in the title you can use the ':allintitle'
command and the resulting pages will be restricted to those containing just the terms you specified
in the title. Again, this is useful for finding certain pages in a site to see if they have been indexed.
You can also use 'intitle:' to return results that just have the first query in the title rather than all
the search terms; for example 'intitle:sprite interactive' would return pages with 'Sprite' in the
title, but with 'Interactive' in the body copy.
Info search
This is a great way to find out more information on your, or your competitors', sites. It returns
all of the information Google has on the site you search for. If you typed ''
you are given the following options from Google:
Show Google's cache of
Find web pages that are similar to
Find web pages that link to
Find web pages from the site
Find web pages that contain the term
Link search
Perhaps the most useful power search tool for the SEO professional, this lets you see all the sites
linking into a particular URL; the search query would look like ''. This is
a great way to see who is linking into your competitor sites to see if you can also benefit from
those links. It also lets you see if Google has indexed pages linking to your site - if it hasn't then
you can submit them to Google yourself.
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