Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information How to do it If it is not possible to avoid presenting images that are larger than the
screen size, then consider providing these images on a separate page with a link back to the main
In the Default Delivery Context assume a width of 120 pixels. What to test SCROLLING Machine Test: Check for width attributes and width
style properties wider than the screen size - for the Default Delivery Context, 120 pixels.
Human Test: If it is wider than the screen size, check that the use case warrants it (e.g. maps).
SCROLLING_LIMIT Human Test: Browse URIs within a site with a mobile device and observe
that on pages with elements that require secondary scrolling only those elements require it, and
the rest of the page requires only primary scrolling.
5.3.4 Navigation Bars etc. (Extraneous material)
[CENTRAL_MEANING] Ensure that material that is central to the meaning of the page precedes
material that is not. What it means Many Web pages are designed with significant navigational and
other elements at the top of or to the side of the page (e.g. Menu Bars, Breadcrumb Trails and
Search Functions). This provides a convenient and well-understood navigational metaphor on
large displays. However, on small displays this can result in the navigation appearing instead of
the actual content of the page when the page is first retrieved.
Because it is important for the user to gain an idea of the content of the page on initial view,
there should be a minimum amount of clutter preceding this - including navigation, decorative
images, advertising and other material that is not central to the user's experience of the page. The
user should not have to scroll significantly to find the primary content of the page.
See also 5.3.1 Page Content for a discussion of howwriting style can help the user identify meaning. How to do it Menu selections can be placed away from the top of the page with a
simple link to the selection at the top of the page. Alternatively, use meta navigation on top of
the page with simple text links to major sections of the Web site. What to test Human test: Browse URIs within a site with a mobile device and
observe that the most important/relevant information is conveyed first.
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