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4 Structure of Best Practice Statements
The Heading
The functional area that is addressed by the statements.
The Statements
One or more Best Practice statements, identified in the following way:
[EXAMPLE] This is a Best Practice statement.
What it means
An explanation of the significance of the statements under this heading.
How to do it
A discussion of techniques and some suggestions as to how to implement. The BPWG is
creating a separate document describing techniques in more detail.
What to Test
The aspects of the delivered content that an external validator could examine to assess
conformance with the Best Practice statements. This section is not present for process related
In this section it is noted whether the statement is Machine Testable (Automated testing
is possible) or Human Testable (Testing requires human assessment). Some Best Practices are
partially machine testable, i.e. based on the result of an automated test, some human
interaction may be required. In such cases both a Machine Testable and a Human Testable
statement are present.
Some Best Practice statements use words such as “minimize” and “avoid” which are
intentionally non-prescriptive. This is in order to provide guidance while leaving room to
accommodate a wide variety of applications whose requirements cannot be anticipated. It
also allows creativity and diversity within the same Best Practice framework. More
prescriptive advice can be found in the Techniques document.
Where appropriate, references to related WCAG points and other immediate references from
the preceding text.
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