Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Chapter 12
Dyer, S. (1995). Motion Capture White Paper .
Sample BVH files are available at Biovisions website:
Chapter 13
Bobic, N. (2000). Advanced Collision Detection Techiques .
Lander, J. (2000). Crashing into the New Year .
Chapter 15
Sharp, B. (2000). Implementing subdivision surface theory. Game
Developer Magazine , February.
Jos Stam has several interesting papers, some involving subdivision
Chapter 16
Garland, M. and Heckbert, P. S. (1997). Surface Simplification Using
Quadric Error Metrics .
Lee, A. (2000). 3D Mesh Simplification .
Chapter 17
Howlett, P. (1997). Cloth Simulation Using Mass - Spring Networks .
University of Manchester Department of Computer Science, October.
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