Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Chapter 1
Baker, M. (1999). 3D World Simulation .
Bobick, N. (1998). Interpolating the Orientation of an Object .
Watt, A. and Watt, M. (1992). Advanced Animation and Rendering
Techniques . Pearson Education. ISBN 0-201-54412-1.
Chapters 3 and 4
The main OpenGL website at
Marques, A. OpenGL tutorial.
Woo, Neider and Davis (1997). OpenGL Programming Guide . Addison
Wesley. ISBN 0-201-46138-2.
Chapter 9
Lander, J. (1999). Oh My God I Inverted Kine: Inverse Kinematics for
Real-Time Games .
Baker, M. (1998). Kinematics .
Chapter 10
Ernie Wright's website:
Newtek's site:
A good source of Lightwave information is:
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