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Figure B.12 An MFC Multiple document application.
Creating an MDI application
An MDI application has one additional file in the default implementation,
a class that is derived from CMDIWnd called CChildframe . When you
select New from the menu a new document and view are created,
allowing the user to work on multiple documents at the same time. MDI
applications are basically the same to work with except that where you
would use the CMainframe class in an SDI application you use the
CChildframe in an MDI application. The sample Examples\Appen-
dixB\MFCMultiDoc project gets you started with MDI applications.
So that concludes the whirlwind guide to MFC. Hopefully, this gives a
brief overview and will help when you work your way through the source
code for Toon3D. If you intend to work with MFC to any extent, then
please try one of the topics mentioned in Appendix C.
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