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To publish your movie
1 File. . .Publish.
This will generate an HTML page (.html) and a Toon3D file (.t3x) in the
folder where your project is saved, and both with the same name as the
published project.
The HTML page uses the Object tag to include the Toon3D file in the
page. If the user doesn't have the Toon3D plug-in installed, it will
download automatically when they load a Toon3D web page. The
download process is automated and is only 130 kB, so is relatively quick
to install.
The Toon3D player is set to a default size of width = 550, height = 400.
If you wish to modify the size or alignment of the Toon3D movie, then edit
the HTML file directly. To make the Toon3D movie size with the browser
window, then use width and height percentages (width = 100 per cent,
height = 100 per cent for full size).
At present, only Microsoft Internet Explorer running under a 32-bit
Windows operating system supports Toon3D.
System requirements for Toon3D
PC running a 32-bit Windows operating system (currently Windows 95,
98, 2000 and NT).
OpenGL supported graphics card (requires the file Opengl32.dll to be
installed in the Windows system directory).
Microsoft Internet Explorer for viewing.
If you experience problems with the displaying of Toon3D, then the most
likely source of the problem will lie with your graphics card and OpenGL
drivers. If you go to the OpenGL website at, you'll find
utilities which can test and update your OpenGL installation.
If you have any specific problems running Toon3D you can contact our
support by email at
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