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The argument can either be a string value (“”) or the name of a variable.
You cannot Put arithmetic operations or script expressions to the Script
Window - you must write them into a temporary variable and then Put the
Each Put statement is written to a new line in the Script Window.
The text “The Cheese X position is” is first written to the script window,
followed by the actual X position of the Toon called Cheese , stored in the
variable xpos .
On NewFrame
Set xpos = Get Property (Cheese, x)
Put “The Cheese X position is”
Put xpos
End NewFrame
If the Toon Cheese was at X value 125 then the output of the script
window would be:
The Cheese X position is
When you've developed your Toon3D movie you can publish directly to a
web page. Before you publish there are a couple of preferences you can
To set Publish preferences
1 File. . .Preferences.
Publish Settings:
JPEG Quality - sets the quality of any JPEG surface textures used in
your project in the final movie. Setting the quality to a high level will result
in better reproduction of the image texture but at the expense of smoother
playback, and vice versa.
Create HTML doc - will generate an HTML file into which your movie
will be embedded when you publish your project. The HTML document
will include the codebase data needed so the ActiveX Toon3D plug-in
required to play back Toon3D files will be downloaded to the user's
browser if it's not already installed.
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