Game Development Reference
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Reset User Views
1 View. . .Set default user views.
This resets the user views 1 , 2 and 3 to their default settings, which are
Face , Front and Top respectively.
Camera View
1 Select the Camera in the Control Window.
The Stage Window switches to Camera View. The position and
orientation of the camera can be keyframed as you would an object.
The Camera can also be parented to a Toon that is under user control.
This is explained in 'User controls'.
Parenting the camera to a Toon will force the movie to ignore any
keyframes you put in the Camera. The parenting of the Camera can be
turned off or switched to other Toons using script. The position and
orientation of the Camera with respect to the Toon at frame 0 will dictate
the view the camera will show the user throughout the movie.
TScripts overview
Toon3D has its own built-in scripting language called TScript, which
allows you to use variables, read and write properties of items in your
movie, detect key presses, navigation, subroutines, conditional state-
ments and loops, plus lots more.
TScripts use a familiar syntax to many other programming languages
such as VB, C++ and Director Lingo, so will be quick and easy to learn for
people with some previous programming experience. There is also a
debugging facility during development in the Script Window.
TScripts are based at scene level and can appear in three places in the
movie, StartMovie , NewFrame and in a Subroutine .
Edit Scripts
1 World. . .Edit Scripts.
2 Click the Add Sub button.
3 Overwrite the name of the Sub and name it as follows.
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