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Distant - a distant light simply radiates light in a specific direction, like the
sun. The position of a distant light doesn't alter its effect, only its
orientation is taken into account.
Point - a point light radiates light in all directions from its source, like a
light bulb.
Spot - a spot light radiates light in a specific direction from its source. You
can also set the 'spread' or cone angle of a spotlight.
3 To set the cone angle of a spotlight, type a value in degrees in the
4 To set the Diffuse colour, click on the Diffuse button and choose
a colour.
The diffuse colour is the colour the light will cast in scene. This can be set
on keyframes so the colour can be ramped between different colours in
the movie.
5 If you wish the light to be parented, select a Parent from the list.
Lights' positions and rotations can also be keyframed following the same
process as for keyframing objects.
Toon3D supports a single camera view which can be parented to a user
controlled Toon, or can be keyframed. In development mode you can also
assign three independent user views and a light view to aid you when
modifying items in the Stage Window.
User Views
1 Select a User View or Light View under Camera in the Control
The Stage Window automatically switches to the selected view which you
can then set using the move and rotate tools.
If you select Light View then select Light in the Control Window any
changes made in the Stage Window will affect the light's position and
orientation, and create a keyframe if required.
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