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This is the Action to perform when a normal collision occurs with the
collision box.
9 Click Apply.
You can delete a Collision using the delete button, and move between
multiple collisions using the Prev and Next buttons.
Toon3D has the facility to create text objects in your project. You can
simply create a static text object or you can write values to the text object
using scripting. The text object can also be keyframed in its position, size,
text and colour.
Adding a text object
1 Right click on Text in the Control Window and select Add text
2 Name the text object by left clicking it in the Control Window.
If you want to write information to the text object it is important that you
name it, as the name is how scripts identify and pass data to the
A text object only appears as a 2D object so can only be positioned and
sized in the X - and Y -axes:
3 To position the text left click and drag it to the desired location.
4 To size the text right click and drag horizontally to desired size.
5 To reset the position and scale (0,0 and 100 per cent) right click
the text object and select reset.
Text Properties
1 Right click on Text object and select Properties.
2 In the dialog box you can type in the actual text required, select a
font and a colour for the text.
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