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In order for the Toon to react to the 3D environment around it, detection
of collisions can be set up. Collisions can occur between another Toon, a
static collision box, a specified value in the Y -axis or an invisible bounding
box. The collision is determined by the bounding boxes of the Toon
intersecting the bounding box of the collision item or values. The result of
a collision is to change the Action of the Toon.
Figure A.10 Collisions dialog.
There are two states for detecting collisions, Global collisions and
Action collisions . A Global collision can occur when the Toon is in any
Action state, i.e. at all times. An Action collision is only detected when the
Toon is performing a specified action. The process for adding both types
of collisions is the same.
Adding collision detection
1 Right click on the Toon object and select Edit Behaviours.
2 Select the Collisions tab.
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