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frame 0. All other keyframes in the camera are ignored when it is under
Toon control.
The Camera's parenting can be switched by scripts at runtime. By
default, the last Toon in your Toon list that has user and camera control
is assigned initial control of the camera in your movie.
5 Click Insert to create a new Key control.
6 Select a Key by first pressing the Keycode button, then pressing
the selected key on the keyboard. To select a Key control for when
No key is pressed, click the No Key button instead of a key.
It's a good idea to give a Toon a No Key pressed control, which can be
thought of as a default action which occurs when no key is currently
7 Select an Action to call when the key is pressed from the drop-
down list of Actions available to the Toon.
If you choose No Action change then the Action of the Toon will remain
in its current state and will not change. This is useful when multiple keys
are pressed.
8 Next you can set how much to move and rotate the Toon when the
key is pressed. The values you enter in the boxes relate to
movement in the X, Y, Z axes and H, P, B rotation, and are based
on metres/degrees per frame.
If no movement is required then leave all values at 0. The Actions and
movement/rotation applied will occur only while the key is pressed. Thus,
to maintain the key control you must hold the key down.
If multiple keys are pressed then the movement and rotation of the
Actions called by the key presses are combined. This means if you were
to control a Toon's movement using the arrow keys you could perform
movement in more than one axis by holding down two or even three keys.
If you do this then the Toon will perform the first Action in the Action's
9 To create the Key control click Apply.
You can delete a key control using the delete button, and move between
multiple actions using the Prev and Next buttons.
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