Game Development Reference
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Figure A.9 Control dialog.
The basic theory behind controlling Toons with the keyboard is
assigning Actions to be called upon certain keys being pressed. As well as
Actions being called, you can also modify a Toon's position and rotation
upon key presses.
You can set up control for a Toon then disable it by unchecking the Use
keyboard control. You can then switch user control on or off for a Toon
using scripts at runtime.
Controlling a Toon
1 Right click on the Toon object and select Edit Behaviours.
2 Select the Control tab and select Use keyboard control.
3 If you want the camera to follow the Toon's movement then select
Move with Toon.
4 If you want the camera to follow the Toon's rotation then select
Rotate with Toon.
Steps 3 and 4 effectively parent the camera to the Toon. The position
and orientation of the camera is defined by its position and orientation at
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