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The Start and End frames relate to the Toon objects' keyframe animation.
For example, if you had created a Toon object who had a walk animation
that ran from frames 1 to 24, then these would be the start and end frames
for the action you would probably call Walk.
5 Choose whether you want the Action to loop or not, and enter the
first frame of the loop in the Loop frame box.
If Loop action is selected the animation will play from the Start to the End
frame, then return to the Loop frame and continually loop between the
Loop and End frame. It will continue to loop unless stopped by script or
another behaviour.
6 Select a sound to play from the dropdown list if required.
The selected sound will play every time the Action is called, and will loop
with the Action if Loop action is selected.
7 Select Enable keyboard control to allow the Action to be
controlled by the user.
If you enable keyboard control, you must set the user control in the
Control tab.
8 Enter position and rotation vectors in the boxes provided if
The values entered in these boxes will move or rotate the Toon by the
specified amount on each new frame in the movie when it is performing
this Action.
9 Click Apply to enable the Action.
You can delete an Action using the delete button, and move between
multiple actions using the Prev and Next buttons.
You can have multiple Actions that use the same frame segments. For
example, you might want to use the same walk cycle for an object but
change the sound file if it was walking on grass or snow.
User control
Toons in your project can be under user control via the keyboard. You can
control a Toon's movement and rotation, as well as which Action to
perform upon a designated key press.
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