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Keyframes are created in the morph controller, not the morph object or the
base object. You can set the morph levels of multiple morph objects on a
Bendy Points
Bendy Points is a point manipulation tool that allows you to generate
single mesh objects that can be manipulated by a set of control objects,
thus enabling you to create realistic character animation. There is a
Lightwave plug-in for Bendy Points which you can download. Tutorials
and documentation come with the Bendy Points plug-in, which is worth
checking out before you use it extensively in Toon3D.
Bendy Points can either be applied in Lightwave and then imported as
part of the Lightwave scene file, or applied directly in Toon3D, the latter
method being a much simpler process. If you import a scene with Bendy
Points applied, then the affected objects are automatically assigned
correctly as either a control object or the target object - no user
intervention is required.
To set up Bendy Points in Toon3D
1 Set up the parenting for the control objects.
2 Select the target object which comprises the full mesh of control
3 Right click and select Make Bendy.
4 Select the base object. This is the parent of all the control
The target object is then assigned and all child objects below are set as
control objects. Only the target object comprising a single mesh will now
be visible, all the control objects become invisible.
Toon3D has all the tools you need to animate your objects. It uses the
standard method of creating keyframe splines for each object, with control
over the spline curves using Tension, Bias and Continuity at the
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