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To assign an object's parent
1 Select the object in the Control Window.
2 Right click and select Properties.
3 Select the parent object from the Parent dropdown list.
Child objects will appear hierarchically under the Parent objects in the
Control Window.
Toon3D allows you to morph between multiple objects that comprise the
same array and number of points. To do this you must assign a Morph
Controller to the object.
To create a Morph Controller
1 Select the object you wish to morph from in the Control Window.
2 Right click and select Create Morph Controller.
A morph controller can be thought of as a point displacement plug-in
which uses the selected object as the base control object. An object can
have only one morph controller. To be able to morph between other
objects we need to Add Morph Objects :
3 Select the Morph Controller and right click and select Add Morph
This brings up an Import Lightwave object dialog box where you can
select objects to act as morph targets. Each object must comprise the
same number of points or Toon3D will generate a warning.
To morph between objects
1 Select a morph object in the Control Window.
2 Click and drag to the right in the Stage Window and the morph
amount increases, the value being displayed in the status bar at
the bottom of the window.
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