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Importing Lightwave scenes
File. . .Import Lightwave Scene
When you import a Lightwave scene (.lwo) into Toon3D, all the objects
and parenting information, and keyframe animation are imported. If Bendy
Points has been applied in the scene, this is also imported and applied to
all relevant objects.
Object properties
Setting object properties
1 Select the object in the Control Window.
2 Right click and select Properties.
3 Select Use Textures to make image surface textures visible.
4 Select Hide to hide an object in the Stage Window. This is set
automatically when the object is assigned as a control to a Bendy
Point object.
5 Choose a 'Parent' for the object.
Pivot points
To position the pivot point of an object
1 Select the object in the Control Window.
2 Click on the Pivot Point icon on the Toolbar
The Stage Window changes to wireframe mode and the pivot point of the
selected object is centred in the view. It is generally good practice to set
up user views from the side and top to make it easier to accurately
position the pivot point.
3 Selecting the Move icon enables you to move the pivot point by
dragging in the stage window with the left mouse button for X and
Z, and the right mouse button for moving in the Y.
Limiting the axis by unchecking them on the toolbar will help control the
positioning of the pivot point. Selecting the rotation icon will rotate your
view only.
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