Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Fps - the playback rate in frames per second of the movie. Toon3D will
attempt to play back the movie at this rate, but this is largely dependent
on the amount of polygons in your movie and the speed of the user's
computer and graphics hardware.
Sync Sound - setting this will force the movie to play back at the frame
specified in the Fps box. This is used so you can produce standalone
animations that have no interactive elements to them. Setting Sync
Sound will play the first sound file in the sounds list at the beginning of
the movie and will maintain a playback rate so the animation can be
synchronized accurately with the accompanying sound.
Grid size
1 World. . .Grid Size.
2 Grid Size - the X and Z size of each square on the grid.
3 Grid Number - the number of squares in the grid.
Setting the Grid Size affects the rate at which items move in the Stage
Window with the mouse. Increasing the grid size increases the distance
the item moves per mouse move, and vice versa.
Importing objects and animation into Toon3D
Importing Lightwave objects
File. . .Import Lightwave Object
At present, you can only import standard Lightwave objects (.lwo) into
Toon3D. Geometry and surface colour and image texture information for
the object are maintained. Procedural textures applied in Lightwave are
not supported, however.
Note: three-sided polygons will be smoothed in Toon3D, and four-sided
polygons not smoothed. With polygons that are more than four-sided,
Toon3D will only use the first four vertices to create the polygon. So, keep
your models' polygons to four or less sides, and if you want your objects
to be smoothed triple them to three-sided polygons before importing to
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