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Working on Toon Actions
You can work on a Toon Action in isolation:
1 Select the Toon Action to modify in the Control Window.
Click on the Action modify icon
Only the Toon is displayed in the Stage Window and all changes made will
affect the Toon Action.
To set Toon3D Preferences
1 File. . .Preferences.
Publish Settings:
JPEG Quality - sets the quality of any JPEG surface textures used in
your project in the final movie. Setting the quality to a high level will result
in better reproduction of the image texture but at the expense of smoother
playback, and vice versa.
Create HTML doc - will generate an HTML file into which your movie will
be embedded when you publish your project. The HTML document will
include the codebase data needed so the ActiveX Toon3D plug-in
required to play back Toon3D files will be downloaded to the user's
browser if it's not already installed.
Other preferences you can set include:
Set Background Colour - sets the colour displayed behind all the
objects in your project.
Disable Textures - disables all image textures applied to objects in
your project. This is effective in both creation mode and in the final
published movie.
Autokey Create - determines whether to create a key automatically at
the current frame when you modify an item in the Stage Window. With
Autokey Create turned off you must apply Create Keyframe to set a key
at a particular frame.
Scene Start and End - sets the global scene start and end frames of
your project.
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