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Setting the frame range
1 View. . .Set frame range
2 Enter Start and End frames.
Now, how do you modify Objects, Toons, Lights, Text and Camera and
Modify Controls
The modify controls allow you to move, rotate, scale and size items in the
Stage Window:
1 Select the item you wish to modify in the Control Window.
2 Click on a modify icon:
Move - deselect X , Y or Z to limit axis movement
Rotate - deselect H , P or B to limit rotational axes
Scale - deselect X , Y or Z to limit axis scaling
Size - modifies the size of the object in all axes
3 Click and drag the mouse in the Stage Window:
Left and
Left Mouse Button
X axis or H eading
Z axis or P itch
( Y axis for Text)
Up and Down
Y axis or B ank
(Size for Text)
Right Mouse Button
Up and Down
You can also enter numerical values by pressing the n key when the
Stage Window has focus. This will bring up a dialog box where you can
enter individual values, depending on which modify icon is active.
Positioning and rotating objects accurately often involves regularly
changing your viewing angle. Find out how you can set up your user views
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