Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
Player Controls
Go to First Frame
Go to Previous Keyframe of selected object
Go to Previous Frame
Go to Next Frame
Go to Next Keyframe of selected object
Go to Last Frame
Loop (toggle)
The two values to the left of the timeline represent the global movie Start
and End frames . To set these go to File. . .Preferences.
Figure A.7 The timeline.
Dragging the pointer along the timeline will go forwards and backwards,
the current frame being displayed immediately to the right of the bar.
You can also jump to a specific frame by pressing the f key , then
entering the frame number.
The two numbers to the right of the current frame display the Frame
Range Start and End frames. The timeline pointer extends to between
these two values, which default to the global scene length when the
program is first started. These frame range values are set to Toon Action
Start and End frames when the Toon is highlighted in the Control Window,
or can be set manually.
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