Game Development Reference
In-Depth Information
You can view the Stage Window full screen:
To view full screen
1 View. . .Full Screen.
2 To return to normal viewing press Esc.
Toon3D allows you to test your movies as you develop:
To test Toon3D movie
Click on the Test Toonfile button on the Toolbar.
1 View . . . Test ToonFile.
2 To stop testing click the Stop button.
Toon3D has all the tools for viewing your project and manipulating items
on the main toolbar. The toolbar is split into the File Tools , Player
Controls , Timeline and Modify Controls .
Figure A.5 The toolbar.
File Tools
The first three tools represent the standard windows functions of New ,
Open and Save respectively.
The fourth icon is to Publish your movie to a web page. See
'Preferences' for more details.
Figure A.6 The file bar.
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