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Toon3D embeds both content and interactive scripting into a single
document. This is one approach that can work effectively. Another
approach is to use compression for the content while using XML
(extended mark-up language) for the scripting. One benefit of using XML
is that the scripting is a text file that can be easily edited. XML provides all
the necessary tools to take the Internet to a higher level of interactivity and
if Web3D is an area of interest then it is well worth getting your head into
an XML primer to get up to speed on this technology.
At the time of writing, May 2001, Web3D promises to be the next big thing
on the Internet. Hopefully, armed with your new knowledge you can
contribute to supplying users with exciting new fast-moving images. The
keys to successful Internet distribution are good development tools and
bandwidth-friendly compression.
So that completes your initial journey through the wonderful world of
real-time character animation programming. I hope it has whetted your
appetite to learn more. I have tried to present the material in the most
approachable way possible. Unfortunately, there is a great deal to learn to
get even an overview of the subject. You should find the source code
supplied a useful place to learn more and the info section will provide links
to more information.
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