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Figure 17.8 Mass-spring network.
real size. Then the edges in a mesh are defined as primary springs and
with a quad mesh secondary springs are defined that join the diagonals of
the mesh. The strength of the springs defines how the mesh will deform.
In general, part of the mesh will be defined as non-deforming, while some
of the mesh is given this physical behaviour.
Classical mechanics gives all the information we need to deal with a
damped spring. The extension of a spring is defined by Hooke's law to be
F s =- K ( x - e )/ e
where K is the spring constant defining the strength of the spring, x is the
actual length of the spring and e is the equlibrium length of the spring. In
our case, e is the length of the edge in the original model.
Figure 17.9 A damped spring.
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